Conondale Sport & Rec Club Inc.


Learn to Swim

We offer a Learn-to-Swim program in Terms 1 and 4 every year. Our swim teacher, Fiona Wilson, is AUSTSWIM qualified. Your child will be assessed for suitable placement into one of the following groups (the names of which are based on Mary River creatures):                               

(4+ yrs): Focus is on developing independence in the water and the introduction of freestyle with breathing, backstroke and diving. Skills learned here are bubble blowing, side breathing, streamlining,  freestyle kick, floating, backstroke arms, basics of diving and correct body positioning.

Focus is on developing freestyle, backstroke and diving plus the introduction of breaststroke. Skills learned here are backstroke timing, freestyle bi-lateral breathing, sculling, breaststroke kick, standing dive and deep water swimming.


                            Focus is on strengthening the general swimming skills in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke and the introduction of butterfly and tumble turns. Skills learnt here are butterfly kick, body rotation in backstroke, breaststroke arms and tumble turns. An increase in workload and distance is evident.


Focus is on more advanced swimming techniques and stroke correction while improving cardio-vascular endurance. Complete and continuous freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly strokes are used in speed drills and competition practices introduced.


General Information:

 Please check you are able to attend all scheduled classes before enrolling.

There will be no refunds for missed lessons. The term may include lessons on public holidays. 

In the case of severe weather or unforeseen circumstances a make-up lesson will be offered or a full refund for missed lesson will be given.

A Permission and Medical Information form must be completed for each child prior to the first lesson. No one will be permitted to take part in classes without a fully completed form.

A swim cap is compulsory for all participants and goggles recommended for Lungfish, Platypus and Squad. These can be purchased from the kiosk.

All equipment is supplied in the lesson.

To ensure a smooth start to the lesson please arrive with ample preparation time. Lateness will disrupt the lesson for others involved.

Lesson Times:

Lessons start on Tuesday 6th Oct.

Maximum class numbers are: Turtles, Cod and Lungfish 5, Platypus 10.